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Thats right, Pirate tamers are out at sea all summer! Fishermen beware, these pirates take no prisoners. For those who do fight, treasure awaits the victor in the enemies cargo hatch. Event Post. Congrats to the winners! Congrats to the winners of Saturday Night Fights!

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For details and times check here. Test your fishing Prowess and Luck! Can you land the elusive stone whopper? Or the shame of the smallest fish?? Millions In Prizes! Aprils Top Shots Contest is now open! Make sure to take part - April Top Shots Contest!


Congrats to this months Top Shots contest winners! To collect your reward make sure to contact a staff member! Over 60 Prizes! Congratulations to the Winners of the 6th Anniversary Scavenger Hunt! Thanks for making our 6th anniversary event a huge success! Happy 6th Anniversary Renaissance! For more information click here! Happy 5th Anniversary Renaissance!

Welcome to UO Renaissance. Pax Romain. Juana Fight. Tom the Immortal. Angry Leprechaun. Angry Cupid. Designed and operated by passionate PvM and PvP experienced staff, that do not play here, this recreation aims to perfect what we all loved about Ultima Online before its decline.

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A highly immersive game with seemingly limitless possibilities coupled with risk vs reward, this world is what the players make of it. Offering an extensive crafting system with the best free shard economy, PvP mechanics with more templates than you'll have the time for and PvM with more challenge and data than ever before.

This is the shard to play on if you want to truly enjoy Ultima Online. For details and times check here May 11th, by Majestic.Jump to content. Careers UO. MyTrack is a comprehensive talent management system that serves employees throughout their employment at the university, providing a portal to access position descriptions and learning and development opportunities.

In concert with the mission of the university, we value and encourage excellence, integrity, creativity, and critical thinking. We strive to foster an inclusive environment that will promote employee success and attract a diverse array of high performing professionals. The Office of Human Resources serves and supports departments and units across campus in delivering effective human resources management.

P: F: UO prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, marital status, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression in all programs, activities and employment practices as required by Title IX, other applicable laws, and policies. Retaliation is prohibited by UO policy.

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Contact information, related policies, and complaint procedures are listed on the statement of non-discrimination. Apply Visit Give Navigation. One Community. Big Ideas. Human Resources MyTrack: Talent Management System MyTrack is a comprehensive talent management system that serves employees throughout their employment at the university, providing a portal to access position descriptions and learning and development opportunities. Go To MyTrack. Human Resources Units The Office of Human Resources serves and supports departments and units across campus in delivering effective human resources management.

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Employee Wellness. A variety of wellness programs are available for employees. Check out the EAP Spotlight, which highlights a new wellness topic each month. Required Workplace Notices and Posters. Oregon employers are required to post a variety of workplace notices.Find out why so many who attend to the University of Oregon take a part of Eugene with them when they leave. Explore Eugene.

Five UO faculty members break down the coronavirus from their areas of expertise—the economy, legal rights, virus data, buildings, and pandemics. Get Informed. Behind the Lens. Request Information. We love technology and nature, abstract art and discrete mathematics. Why UO? Whether you want to be a researcher or health care provider, an artist or inventor, the University of Oregon offers a variety of degree options if you envision a career in health or fitness.

Or, if the function of movement is more your style, consider the science of human physiology or the creativity of dance. If you want to create things that make life better, our product design program may be for you. Explore Degrees in Health and Fitness. My advice is to get involved. If not the school paper, get involved with something! As a non-traditional student, it was so important for me to always remain open to new opportunities.

I found friends who share the same interests and outlooks as me. We created together. We laughed together. We grew together. They are all so special to me and they will forever be part of my fondest memories at the SOJC. Oregon Research. Discover How. Search University of Oregon Sites. Homepage Our Town. Perspective on a Pandemic. Telling Stories Out of School. So don't you want to be a Duck? Image Improving the Quality of Life Whether you want to be a researcher or health care provider, an artist or inventor, the University of Oregon offers a variety of degree options if you envision a career in health or fitness.

Image Tier 1. Energizing From Within. Connect with Us! Government walks back rule change on international students. The reversal came just days after the UO and 19 other schools sued to block the rule. A new book on Hayward field takes a look back, and ahead. The photo-packed book is a fascinating look at the storied history of the track mecca.

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An email will be sent to you containing a link for you to reset your password. More Info. Loading Please wait a short moment whilst we retrieve your vehicle.

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Add more products to wishlist by simply getting registered on Eurocarparts. Close Register. An email with reset link has been sent to your account email id.Use links provided below to drill down to your preferred currency pair; Here you can view the latest news, top 5 best UK travel money rates, historical exchange rates and historical charts.

Whether you are going on holiday and after travel money rates or looking to carry out Euro exchangeit pays to keep informed. Exchange rates fluctuate constantly and this page allows you to not only check the latest exchange rates Euro today, but also the Euro exchange rate history in more detail.

The currency code for Euro is EUR.

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The Euro started inand in became legal tender. There had been many previous attempts to create a single european currency. Is Forex Trading Risky? Software or Broker? Posted on 18 Jul at 10 AM Rabobank considers the theoretical scenario and implications of Italy or any other country deciding to leave the Euro and issues a severe warning over the implications. Any decision should not be taken lighly.

The gathering will extend into the weekend, increasing the risk of sharp moves when currency market re-open on Monday. Exchange Rates Today Use a specialist FX provider to beat your bank's exchange rate: find out how today. Credit Suisse expects a strong German push for the recovery fund and Exchange Rate News Today CAD resists weaker crude and negative risk mood with minor decline.

GBP fails to benefit from better jobs data. Trends in global equities will dominate Scandinavian currency moves. Euro rewarded on EU EUR Converter. Euro Exchange Rate. Australian Dollars to Euros.

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Pounds to Euros. New Zealand Dollars to Euros.

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Dollars to Euros. Euros to Australian Dollars. Euros to Pounds. Euros to Canadian Dollars. Euros to Hong Kong Dollars. Euros to Rupees. Euros to New Zealand Dollars. Euros to South African Rands.

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Euros to Swiss Francs. Euros to Dollars. Euros to Dirhams. Hungarian Forint. Kazakhstan Tenge. Macedonian Denar. Barbadian Dollar. Bolivian Boliviano.Your attitude, actions, and words make a difference. They affect your environment and the people in it. Your response is deeply personal and never private. It is easy to justify your attitude, action, and words and minimize how they impact on others.

It is easy to judge the attitude, action, and words of others and magnify their impact on you. And their response is an event for you. The starting point for self-awareness is recognizing what you are thinking and doing. The next, and more important, step of self-awareness is understanding the impact of what you are thinking and doing.

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The question is what difference do you make and how does it impact your environment and the people in it? When you subscribe to the Focus 3 Blog, you get the latest word in Leadership, Culture, and Behavior straight to your inbox! Our theme is best communicated in Ephesians 4. The Focus 3 Blog. Think about these characteristics in your life: Your attitude and energy at home. Your emotions and communication at work. Your mindset and demeanor on social media. Your patience and perspective in public.

Now think about specific situations in your life: Your attitude when you walk into your house after a long day of work. How you respond when your spouse points out your mistake. What you say to co-workers when a new change is announced in your company.

How you listen to someone talking about something important to them. It is easy to underestimate the impact you have on the people around you. It is easy to be self-focused but not self-aware. It is not a question of whether you make a difference. You do. Focus 3. Signup Today! Subscribe to The Focus 3 Blog. Subscribe to Email Updates.As of July 21, we will be deactivating the Invasions. This is in anticipation of the soft launch of our new dynamic Treasures events. Our current plan is to scale up our soft launch through various shards in the coming weeks.

Please keep an eye on UO. Many of the systems that are included in Publish are related to our new dynamic encounters, so please keep an eye on UO.

We are pleased to announce the next release of Publish to TC 1! This release brings our Dynamic Treasures system which will allow us to setup dynamically generated Treasures events.

You can start the scenario by visiting the Britain Commons. Check out the publish notes for full details and we look forward to your feedback. We are pleased to announce we have updated Test Center 1 with the latest release of Publish Please head over to the wiki and check out the full publish notes.

This release includes a mandatory client patch so please make sure you fully patch up your client before accessing TC1 or any production shard. We look forward to your feedback on the UO forums. Firstly, as a celebration of the summer season and as a thank you to our players we invite you to visit the Britain Commons Luna Bank on Seige Perilous to claim a celebration wizard! The reward generators are being placed manually so we appreciate your patience while these items are deployed.

The reward generators will expire on the date noted. Beautify your garden for all your summer events with this decorative garden sculpture! We hope everyone is staying home and safe. We understand this is very trying but know we are all together on this. The team has talked about this several times and we feel the best decision is not to turn off housing decay.

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It would impact everyone by not allowing housing to be placed, housing to be transferred, as well temporarily turning off house decay. The problem is if we did turn it off when the housing is turned back on all the status fast forwards to the point it should have been at when we turned them off. All Britannians take warning, the realm is invaded! Vile creatures swarm our cities and it is up to you to drive them out! Good luck!

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